Sunday, August 24, 2014

CSA 8/23

This week I got beets, onions, and a little bag of popcorn. There's also a bunch of coriander seeds:

A big bag of roma tomatoes, three green bell peppers, a red bell pepper, and a bunch of serranos and jalapenos:

I also got eggs and potatoes:

This week I'm making:
  • Chili- I made this immediately. I don't care that it's summer, I love chili. I peeled all my tomatoes, chopped several bell, jalapeno, and serano peppers, and diced an onion. I added three kinds of beans and other spices. Last night I served the chili with pasta and cheese. I will serve chili again with french fries. And again with baked potatoes. And again with corn bread. And again with eggs. And again just plain. 
  • These fancy ass beet chips
  • Potato Breakfast Gratin- Using potatoes, red pepper, and eggs 
  • I'm also going to make Curried Chickpea Salad This isn't really using anything from this CSA package, but I still have some carrots leftover from a few weeks.

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