Sunday, August 3, 2014

CSA 8/2

This week I got two tomatoes, two cucumbers, 1 zucchini,and dragon tongue beans:

 a cantaloupe,  eggs, a green pepper, onions, okra, and carrots:

And basil!!!!

This week I'm planning to make:

  • Pesto pasta! I am going to include sauteed mushrooms, red pepper, and summer squash.
  • My own version of Spanish Beef and Rice- I use beans instead of ground beef. This will use up the onion, green pepper, and tomatoes in the salad. I also have my Serranos from last week that I'm pickling that I can use. I might also throw in some zucchini in this. I'm getting tired of zucchini!
  • Okra and Zucchini Saute or maybe Gumbo

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