Sunday, November 2, 2014


October has been a productive month:

I spun a pound of sock yarn, enough to make 4 socks:

I knit 4 pairs of socks:

Monday, October 20, 2014

CSA 10/18

This was my last CSA for the season.

I got eggs, a huge cabbage, and a Delicata squash:

 Arugula, wax beans, and cilantro:

A bag of potatoes, an acorn squash, peppers, two onions, and a bell pepper:

I'm going to save all my squash for upcoming weeks. This week I'm planning to make:

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Trip to Brown County

This weekend I had an entire day off work! I talked my dearest mother into visiting, and she came down Friday night. We didn't tell Marcella until Mom was in town, so she was really surprised! We went to the Farmer's Market, Dillman's Farm, Brown County State Park, Little Nashville, and Musgrave Orchard. Here's some pictures from the hike we took at the park:

That is my handknit sweater that Marcella is wearing:

Sunday, October 12, 2014

CSA 10/11

This week I got arugula, two bell peppers, and chile peppers:

A butternut squash, a delicata squash, two onions:

Parsley and sweet potatoes:

Green beans and eggs:

This week I'm going to keep saving some of the squash and sweet potatoes for future weeks. My CSA is almost over and I'd like to have some nice produce when it ends. The squash, onions, and sweet potatoes should last several weeks. This week I'm planning to make:

  • Breakfast casserole with a pepper and arugula
  • A veggie stir fry like this and this and this- will use a pepper, onion, green beans

Saturday, October 4, 2014

CSA 10/4

This week I got eggs, parsley, and a bag of mustard greens:

Two onions, two bags of Rumano/Jade beans, and a ton of long green chile peppers:

An acorn squash, a delicta squash, and a bag of Yukon gold potatoes:

I also bought a Red Kobocha Squash! I loved the red-orange color of it. The farmer told me it has a nutty flavor similar to a butternut squash. 

This week I plan to make:
  • Thai Red Curry with Kobocha Squash- will use the Kobocha squash and an onion
  • Parsleyed Beans- will use the beans and parsley
  • Chili Verde, like this or this or this or this- will use the peppers, and an onion
  • Mashed potatoes mmmmmmmmmm! (Yukon Gold are my favoritest potatoes)
  • Marcella is going to juice the greens
  • I'm planning to save some of the squash for future weeks since it saves so well and my CSA is almost over 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

CSA 9/27

This week I got fennel and arugula: 

Parsley and a pie pumpkin!!!!

4 sweet potatoes, a delicata squash, a bunch of chiles, an onion, beets, and sage:

This week I'm planning on making:

Also, I threw the fennel out. I can't stand the smell of that awful stuff. I hate everything about it. It's one of the few foods I absolutely cannot stand.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

CSA 9/20

This week I got eggs, arugula, dill, and cilantro:

Onions, a sack of potatoes, and lots of peppers:

Two acorn squashes, a delicta squash, and some popcorn:

This week I'm planning to make:

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sweater Spinning- Part 2

I finished plying! Here's my big pile of yarn, a whopping 2078 yards of light fingering weight yarn:

Body Skein 1: 525 yards
Body Skein 2: 581 yards
Body Skein 3: 426 yards

Sleeve Skein 1: 283 yards
Sleeve Skein 2: 263 yards

Next steps: wash yarn, swatch, find a pattern

Summer Spinning- Follow Up

Back in June I posted about buying some summer-y colors of fiber.  Well here they are all spun up! Just as it started getting cold here, I finished up my last skein. Here they are!

Wound Up, So Serious
385 yards
SW Merino

Two if by Hand, Effie
500 yards
SW Merino/Nylon

Wound Up, Back to You
300 yards

Saturday, September 13, 2014

CSA 9/13

This week I got eggs, cilantro, and dills:

Radishes, an onion, 2 eggplants, a cucumber, a bell pepper, and 3 poblanos:

A spaghetti squash, a Delicata squash, sweet potatoes, and a couple jalapenos:

This week I'm planning to make:

Saturday, September 6, 2014

CSA 9/6

This week I got a cantaloupe, an acorn squash, eggs, and dill. Look how cute that little melon is:

I got three bell peppers, an onion, and 2 baby eggplants:

I got a cabbage, a sack of potatoes, a cucumber, and a little pepper:

This week I'm planning on making:

Friday, September 5, 2014

Sweater Spinning

I started spinning wool for a sweater last month. Here's the fiber:

Corridale wool
Dyed by Hello Yarn
16 oz. total (4 oz. pictured)

The fiber came in 4, 4 oz. bumps. I divided 3 of the bumps in half lengthwise and spun the singles. I numbered each bobbin. 1 and 2 are from the same bump, 3 and 4 are from the same bump, and 5 and 6 are from the same bump. I'm going to ply 1 and 3, 2 and 5, and 4 and 6 to mix the colors up in a random(ish) way.

I divided the last bump into half lengthwise, and then I split each length in half again into 1 oz pieces. I spun 2 ounces onto each bobbin. I'm going to wind those bobbins into ball and ply from each end. This will give me shorter repeats of color for the sleeves. Hopefully they will also be somewhat matching.

 I finished spinning all my singles. Up next is plying! The yarn should be approximately fingering/sport weight.