Sunday, August 17, 2014

CSA 8/16

This week I got a bag of potatoes and lots of corn (there are 4 ears not pictured here):

I got 2 green peppers, a red pepper, a red onion, a yellow onion, a bag of roma tomatoes, a summer squash, and a pepper/chili (maybe a hatch chile?):

I also got a dozen eggs and candy striped beets:

This week I'm planning to make:

  • Sweet and Sour Tofu- will use the peppers
  • Piergoies- Will use the potatoes and onion
  • Corn Casserole- to use all that fresh corn! And an egg or two
  • Burrito Bowls- I'll make a salsa with the tomatoes, onion, pepper, and chile. I'll also include brown rice, black beans (dried, of course), cheese, and some avocados! 
  • I'm at a loss for the beets. Maybe Marcella will make us beet juice

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