Sunday, June 8, 2014

Adventures in Southern Indiana

This weekend I had an entire Saturday off work! That almost never happens, so I took advantage of it and went on a couple adventures with Jack (after getting my CSA at the Farmer's Market) We wanted to find the Empire Quarry and few other things in Lawrence County.  

We first started searched for the Needmore Pyramids. Bedord, IN is the limestone capital of the world, and they wanted to build an amusement park out of limestone to attract tourists. They got a grant from the federal government to build a pyramid and a great wall. After the government was accused of wasteful spending they had to give the money back. We couldn't find it immediately, and we came to a cemetery:

There are two men working there, and an older man told us that they never could finished the pyramids because it's almost impossible to make pyramids out of limestone. He laughed at us for searching for it and then gave us directions to the Empire Quarry. This is where the limestone for the Empire State Building came from. Along the edge of the cemetery, we could see the quarry:

We walked around to get a better view of more of the quarries:

We weren't sure if we found the pyramid remains or not. We found a sign they made out of limestone and saw lots of piles of limestone leftover from a project. Jack too a piece as a souvenir:

Next we went to the Avoca Fish Hatchery. There aren't fish there anymore, but it's still a really beautiful area to visit:

There were stone steps that led up to a wooded area. It looked like there was hiking trails:

There was also a waterfall and bridge. Both very picturesque!

We also went to Magic Morning Bakery. It smelled of heaven and was filled with some of the most beautiful cakes, donuts, cookies, pies, and pastries! I got a strawberry bliss cake and some cream puffs for Marcella and me!

After our trip to Lawrence County, we went up to Owen County to Spencer Pride. I was pretty disappointed with the sexism, cultural appropriation, cissexism, and invisibility of anybody not gay or lesbian. We watched some drag performances (sadly only drag queens), walked around a bit, and took off.

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