Saturday, July 5, 2014

CSA 7/5

My shares keep getting bigger and bigger! This was the heaviest share yet.

Today I got eggs, green onions, beets, cilantro, and that really pretty yellow summer squash.

I also got another cabbage, cauliflower, three cucumbers, and 2 zucchinis. 

I also got three bell peppers for a dollar! You can't beat that price.

This week I'm planning on making 
  • Enchiladas with squash, green peppers, and cilantro
  • Curry noodles with veggies (to use cabbage, green onions, cauliflower) (I'll also add some yellow peppers and mushrooms I have already)
  • Barley Wax Bean Salad (to use beets, wax beans, green onion, AND cucumbers!)
  • And I'm so overrun with cabbage, I'm going to give some to a bunny friend to eat. Last week alone we ate 1.5 cabbages. 

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