Saturday, October 4, 2014

CSA 10/4

This week I got eggs, parsley, and a bag of mustard greens:

Two onions, two bags of Rumano/Jade beans, and a ton of long green chile peppers:

An acorn squash, a delicta squash, and a bag of Yukon gold potatoes:

I also bought a Red Kobocha Squash! I loved the red-orange color of it. The farmer told me it has a nutty flavor similar to a butternut squash. 

This week I plan to make:
  • Thai Red Curry with Kobocha Squash- will use the Kobocha squash and an onion
  • Parsleyed Beans- will use the beans and parsley
  • Chili Verde, like this or this or this or this- will use the peppers, and an onion
  • Mashed potatoes mmmmmmmmmm! (Yukon Gold are my favoritest potatoes)
  • Marcella is going to juice the greens
  • I'm planning to save some of the squash for future weeks since it saves so well and my CSA is almost over 

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